220V 1000W Off-grid backup power station

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220V 1000W Off-grid Power Backup Station

Introducing the 220V 1000W Off-grid Power Backup Station. Equip yourself with a sleek, portable, and reliable power supply that delivers pure sine wave current for long-lasting performance. With advanced technology and an efficient design, this high-quality backup power supply offers peak power of 2000 watts — sufficient to keep your office (or entire home) running during a power outage. The 100V to 240V AC universal socket ensures compatibility, while the two 5V USB ports keep your digital devices powered.

Product serial number PC 1000W 110V 220V

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220V 1000W Off-grid backup power station 1

Portable solar generator

Introduction of the off-grid backup power station

  • High power, high usage rate, fast charging
  • Multiple output modes
  • Support solar charging and mains charging
  • Small size, lightweight, easy to carry
  • Brand new A-class battery, stable performance, safe to use
                        Power for choice    P300,P600,P1000,P1500
                       Application    Outdoor, camping, Hiking, emergency power supply. It can also provide power to various electrical equipment

such as mobile phones, computers, desk lamps, etc.

                       Special function    12v lithium car starter battery, wireless charging for choice
                       Plug type    Please get in touch with sales to remark on plug types
                       Color in Stock
Black with Orange

Multiple output methods

● Portable power supply features such as LED screen, flashlight, wireless fast charging, and USB, Type-C output.

● The portable energy storage power supply has a variety of output outlets, supporting simultaneous power supply to mobile phones, computers, and fans.


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High power, high utilization rate, good performance, and safe use

● Portable power supplies are available in a variety of models up to 1500W

● The portable power supply has high power and fast charging, more than 60% faster than regular fast charging. It can simultaneously charge mobile phones or computers indoors, which is convenient and fast.

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Small size and lightweight

● The model on the right is PC-300, which is small and weighs only 3.41kg, which is very suitable for travel.

● The portable power supply is versatile and can be taken with you when you go on a trip or have an outdoor picnic.


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Summary of Portable Power Station

+ Product name: 110v 220V 1500W camping emergency home outdoor solar power bank portable power station mini solar generator

+ Material: Eco-Friendly ABS

+ Function: Best charging for phone. Mini fans. Laptop. Camping, Outdoor Hiking, etc

+ Package: Color box packing with adapter and Manuel

+ Discharge current:0.5C ( Standard)/1.5CMaximum continuous discharge current

+Operating temperature:Charge: 0~+50℃/Discharge: -20~+55℃

Product Features of the off-grid backup power station

  • Off-grid Power Backup, Green and Clean power supply, Perfect Power Supply for Camping
  • Internal batteries are high-quality rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, safe, portable, and green.
  • With 100-240V AC universal socket for your Laptop, Monitor, TV, Air Mattress, Lamp, Fan, Router, Modem, Christmas lights, etc.
  • Portable power station have 2* 5V USB ports ,1*QC3.0, 5~12V/18W USB ports,Type-C(PD45W) etc.
  • The portable power station with 1500W AC continuous output and 3000W AC peak power with about 1450WH lithium-ion battery.
  • Pure sine wave current is comparable to the mains, and its waveform is stable and has no damage to the charging equipment, much safety.