110V 220V 1500W Portable Power Station

110V 220V 1500W Portable Power Station

(Portable Power Station)

Our Pcenertech developed 110V 220V 1500W Portable Charging Station is the perfect accessory to charge and power multiple devices in your home, office, or camping. This portable power station provides continuous AC power with 1500W/3000W AC peak output, and its lithium-ion battery can provide power up to 1450WH. Made of fire-proof and explosion-proof materials. It’s also efficient, compact, and easy to carry. They feature a variety of output options, including AC outlets, DC power ports, and USB ports, making them suitable for various electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras, and other small to medium-sized appliances.


SKU: PC 1500W 110V 220V

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110V 220V 1500W Portable Power Station Product Description

The 110V 220V 1500W Portable Power Station is a versatile and powerful energy solution suitable for various applications. This portable charging station features dual-voltage compatibility (110V and 220V), making it flexible to accommodate a variety of electronic devices and appliances. Equipped with a powerful 1500W inverter, the station ensures enough capacity to charge laptops, power lights, run small appliances and even support power tools outdoors in emergencies or off-grid situations. The integrated LCD provides real-time information on battery status, charge level and power usage, allowing users to monitor and manage energy consumption effectively.

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110V 220V 1500W Portable Power Station Main Features

1. Internal battery uses a high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
2. It Comes with a 100-240V AC universal socket.
3. The portable power station has 2* 5V USB ports, 1* QC3.0, 5~12V /18W USB port, Type-C (PD45W), etc.
4. Features 1500W AC continuous output and 3000W AC peak power.


Product specifications

                        Power for choice    P300,P600,P1000,P1500
                       Application    Outdoor, camping, Hiking, emergency power supply. It can also provide power to various electrical equipment

such as mobile phones, computers, desk lamps, etc.

                       Special function    12v lithium car starter battery, wireless charging for choice
                       Plug type    Please get in touch with sales to remark on plug types
                       Color in Stock
Black with Orange

Application scenarios

The 110V/220V 1500W portable power station has many applications, making it a valuable energy solution in various scenarios. Its dual voltage capability (110V and 220V) and powerful power output make it suitable for camping and outdoor activities, powering lights, portable stoves, electric coolers, and electronic devices to enhance the camping experience. Support remote work setups by powering laptops, monitors, and Wi-Fi routers to increase productivity outdoors or in unconventional workspaces. It also provides portable power for charging devices, using small appliances and ensuring connectivity.

Electrical performance diagram

The figure shows the discharge and cycle curves under different temperature conditions. It shows how a battery’s capacity and efficiency change with temperature. Lithium-ion batteries generally have an optimal operating temperature range for optimal performance and longevity. As shown below:

Electrical performance diagram

Product packaging and shipping

We will ensure the batteries are in good condition and provide protective packaging before shipment. We also provide seamless and efficient express delivery services to customers. Our express delivery services are spread worldwide, allowing us to cover customers in different regions. Whether your business operates locally or internationally, our logistics network excels at handling the complexities of global shipping. Includes real-time tracking, allowing customers to monitor the status and location of their shipments at every stage. This feature gives you peace of mind and ensures our customers are fully informed of the progress of their orders. As shown below:

Product packaging and shipping


Factory photos

We have a 6000㎡ factory equipped with the most advanced production lines, integrating the latest advances in lithium battery technology, ensuring the highest performance, safety, and environmental sustainability standards. We can strictly control production to ensure our quality. The daily production capacity exceeds 2000KWH, and we can provide lithium battery packs with a 5-year warranty and permanent free technical support. As shown below: