51.2V wall-mounted energy storage battery

Our 51.2V wall mounted energy storage battery can be used for various purposes. The battery is compatible with any power grid, adopts an integrated structure, and is easy to install and use. You’ll also enjoy the unit’s system voltage up to 131.2V and a bidirectional converter, allowing you to charge your battery while using mains power! We’ve also included an intelligent motion intelligence system in our devices so you can keep track of how much energy you’ve stored over time, and more importantly, they can recharge at any time!

Compatible with any grid

Our 51.2V wall-mounted energy storage battery is compatible with any grid, whether a utility or a microgrid. It also works with any battery, whether you have a traditional lead acid battery or a lithium-ion battery that requires special charuniquethods. Our system is also compatible with all inverters and charge controllers today!

Integrated structure

At the same time, the integrated structure makes it easy to install and maintain, significantly improving its versatility. The M20-M40 series should be installed on both sides of the wall or ceiling and needs only two holes to connect. You don’t need to drill a hole in your wall or ceiling for installation. The structure is compact and lightweight, so it can easily transport or move around when necessary.

Up to 131.2V system voltage

This is related to the system voltage. So, what does “system voltage” mean? System voltage measures the total energy contained within an electrical system. It’s not just a number on a meter or battery monitor. It’s a geometric value representing how much power is available at any given time. When considering batteries, there must be two types of inverters and grid attachment points (one for solar and one for utility grid). These systems will have their own unique voltages.

Two-way converter

The two-way converter is a device that converts DC power to AC power. It can convert solar energy back into electricity or the electricity from the grid back into solar energy.

The two-way converter automatically has another necessary vitality reboot when no current comes. You don’t have to worry about it stopping working if your system gets interrupted by a storm or other weather phenomena.

Smart monitoring system

Smart monitoring system: Our intelligent monitoring system provides information about the battery and inverter status. This can be monitored remotely, meaning you don’t have to be onsite when the battery is charging or discharging. The system also provides information about grid status, sol, solar panel, and turbine status.

51.2V wall-mounted battery is very suitable for small renewable energy system

Our 51.2V wall-mounted energy storage battery has an integrated structure, so installing a separate enclosure is unnecessary. It can be used with any charging device and inverter, allowing you to build up a system with your chosen voltage – up to 131.2V system voltage!

You can also use our two-way converter to achieve higher system voltages without using an additional converter. It is equipped with an intelligent motion intelligentlligentlligentsystem that allows you to monitor the state of charge (SOC), discharge current, input current, and other parameters remotely via our mobile app or web portal.


We hope you like to know about our 51.2V wall-mounted energy storage battery. This is a good choice for anyone who wants to use the renewable energy system fully and get the maximum return. With our unique bidirectional converter, you can use your plan anytime, even if there is not enough sunshine or gust!