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China is one of the countries that has developed new energy the fastest in recent years, and we, Pcenertech New Energy, are the leading domestic powewall lifepo4 battery manufacturers with professional integration of green new energy systems. Pcenertech New Energy was established in 2015. The R&D headquarters is located in Bao’an, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The factory is located in Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong. It has a single-family factory building of over 6000 square meters and has a production capacity of 300 million.

Pcenertech: High-Quality Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers

Since its establishment, Pcenertech New Energy has committed to researching, developing, producing, and selling AGV/AMR/forklift/shuttle lithium batteries. It has been hard at work in the industry and has successfully created a unique full charge and discharge solution. , has accumulated rich industry experience, and has many service cases. Centered on the Pearl River Delta, it radiates across the country, exports to Europe and the United States, and leaves footprints worldwide. It will receive recognition as a “Shenzhen Specialized New Enterprise” in 2022. Despite rising customer demands and fierce competition, Pcenertech New Energy excels in advancing intelligent logistics.

The product has passed international certifications such as CQC, IEC, UN38.3, CE, CB, ROHS, MSDS, SDS, and REACH. It has also passed the Photovoltaic Testing Center and Zhiming Enterprise Internal Standard QMSK-J014.0018-2018 《Design Technical Standard Lithium Ion》 Third-party testing, such as batteries or battery components, is widely used in smart home appliances, medical equipment, vacuum cleaners and sweepers, solar street lights, home energy storage, portable power supplies, off-grid energy storage, electric motorcycles, and electric low-speed vehicles.

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Powerwall LiFePO4 battery technology progress

Regarding battery innovation, Pcenertech’s new energy R&D team is led by electrochemistry expert Dr. Tan Zuxian. Several PhDs, masters, and well-known universities in various fields cooperated to establish it. Lithium-ion batteries, LiFePO4 battery materials, and battery process technology form the core technical backbone. It has accumulated over a decade of rich practical experience in battery management systems and energy control technology. To stay at the forefront of LiFePO4 battery advancements. The result is a range of batteries that outperform traditional battery alternatives regarding energy efficiency and cycle life. Through independent research and development, the company has obtained 25 patents, including 6 battery technology software patents.

Environmental impact and sustainability

The environmental impact of LiFePO4 batteries is an important consideration. Pcenertech, one of the best Powewall lifepo4 battery manufacturers, prioritizes sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. We are advocates for green energy storage. Made from recyclable and non-toxic materials, LiFePO4 batteries help users minimize their carbon footprint and improve how everyone uses and delivers electricity. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our manufacturing processes, where we implement environmentally friendly practices to reduce waste and energy consumption and transform how we use and deliver electricity.

Meet customized Powerwall LiFePO4 battery manufacturers!

Pcenertech New Energy can provide a variety of Powerwall LiFePO4 batteries to meet the needs of various applications. Whether for home, business, or industrial use, you can discover a product tailored to your requirements. Customization options are often available to ensure a perfect fit. We offer various products, including batteries with different capacities and form factors. You can choose a battery that perfectly matches your energy storage needs. Customization options allow tailoring solutions to meet unique customer needs. This flexibility ensures you get the most from your LiFePO4 battery investment.

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Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturers You Can Trust

Pcenertech New Energy passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification in 2015. In 2017, he received funding from the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Commission for the “Research and Development of Lithium-ion Battery Storage and Control System for Solar Lighting” entrepreneurial project. He participated in the formulation of “CQC11-464117-2017 Safety Certification Specifications for Lithium-ion Batteries for Solar Street Lights” and “CQC1126- National standards such as “Technical Specifications for Lithium-Ion Batteries for Solar Street Lights in 2017” have been formulated.

In 2018, it passed the ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system certification; in the same year, it won the title of “National AAA Demonstration Unit for Quality, Reputation and Service,” “National Authoritative Inspection, Quality Qualified Product,” “China’s Excellent Green Environmental Protection and Energy-Saving Product,” ” Honorary titles such as “China’s Famous Independent Innovation Products,” “National High-tech Enterprise,” and “Excellent Supplier of Government Procurement.”

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Corporate mission vision

Pcenertech is committed to changing how electricity is generated, transmitted, and harnessed. Adhering to the business philosophy of “science and technology promote social progress, and harmony promotes the happiness of all employees,” adheres to the code of conduct of “flying into the sky, integrity first,” builds a people-oriented, technology-led, and strives to become a leading green new energy innovative enterprise.