1KW Off-Grid Solar Power Generator With 2kwh Battery

1KW Off-Grid Solar Power Generator With 2kwh Battery

This off-grid solar generator is designed for people who need to keep their electronics running during a power outage or while camping. 1KW 500W Generator uses deep cycle 1KWH 2KWH 5KWH LifePO4 battery as an energy source; it can be used in cars with standard battery. The DC power supply system has 12V and 5V USD discharge, and the LCDs have the discharge and charge status of the device. Solar generators with MC4 connectors can work by directly connecting with solar panels (10W Min).



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1KW Off-Grid Solar Power Generator With 2kwh Battery 1   

  1KW Off-grid solar Generator system

Features of 1KW Off-Grid Solar Generator

  • Mobile and convenient, have handles and wheels
  • Overload protection pure sine wave stable output
  • The battery capacity is large, and the usage rate is high
  • Widely used to support high-power electrical appliance
Portable solar power generator/solar power station
  Power (W) 500W, 1000W,1500W,2000W
  Output 220V, 110V; 50/60HZ
  Application Free installation, Home energy storage, and emergency power supply.

Nice-designed, lighter, and more convenient to move

  • You can grab the handle and drag the generator.
  • The wheel at the bottom allows you to move the generator more easily.
  • The design of the off-grid energy storage system makes it more convenient for users.

1KW Off-Grid Solar Power Generator With 2kwh Battery 2

High power, multi-function

● There are various models of off-grid energy storage systems, with a maximum power of 2000W, high power, and high utilization rate.

● After connecting to the solar panels, it can supply power to all kinds of electrical appliances at home. Easy to use and doesn’t need much assembly.

1KW Off-Grid Solar Power Generator With 2kwh Battery 3

New Grade A LiFePO4 Battery

● Cycle 4000 times. The lifespan of up to 10 years is the massive capacity battery.

● The off-grid energy storage system adopts brand-new A-class cells, which can be charged quickly and perform well.

1KW Off-Grid Solar Power Generator With 2kwh Battery 4

Summary about 500W Solar Power Generator With LiFePO4 battery as follows

+ Reliable performance, simple operation, input, and output are independent of this power system; we have combined the 1kwh LifePO4 battery, 500W inverter, and solar controller in one solar system.

+ We use A grade 1KWH LiFePO4 battery. It has a long cycle life of up to 12 years, is about five times a lead acid battery, and is lightweight half a gel battery. Long cycle life helps to minimize replacement costs and reduce the total cost of ownership.

+ For this solar power generator, the outside is Mental material; this case protects the inner structure and avoids some bad conditions; the casing makes it stronger to be used as much longer as possible. Generally speaking, set up one Solar energy storage system in your home, and you will have a movable powerful energy station.

+ Front side, some switches turn on/off LCD monitoring, which shows the equipment’s capacity, battery temperature, and AC output status.

+ Inside, we can see that there is smart air cooling to cool the machine when it works; this can help lower the temperature to improve the reliability of the battery.

+ Topside, there are two handles for easy extraction.

+ Underside, four wheels under the bottom help us move the products easily and are very flexible in handling in different directions.

+ Environmentally friendly with no noise. This portable solar power generator is suitable for outdoor development, picnic, family, camping, etc., and as a home energy storage system. So don’t worry about having a try~

Product Features

  • Solar system 500W 1KW 2KW inverter, 220Vac. 110Vac is optional
  • Deep cycle 1KWH 2KWH 5KWH LifePO4 battery. 3~5 times the cycle life of AGM/GEL battery
  • DC power system has 12V, 5V USD discharging
  • LCD shows the discharging and charging of equipment
  • Solar power generator with MC4 connector
  • Finding cooperative distributors. OEM/ODM is available